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and sign the nuclear defense treaty, which he gave away the first days in office in order to reset relation with russia, and the united states is number two. everyone knows how frightened for 30 years since ronald reagan they are of a nuclear defense shield. he should have reinstated the nuclear defense shield and would have pushed putin back 20 yards. then they should have thrown him out of to the g . we shouldn't debate-are we going? >> maybe they're hoping -- try to give them the benefit of the doubt. marry maybe they're hoping -- the russian market drop. the ruble collapsed and many given his own bellicose talk he is hurting himself and at it going to fall on his actions. so let him implode on his own. >> maybe. maybe. possibly. could be. you're in charge. he just invaded a country that we have an obligation to protect, a country we want to bring over to the west. we don't wait for maybe, maybe, possibly could happen. that's not a leader. we act swiftly, we act decisively and we change the equation here with this man. instead of him pushing us around we push him around. that's the only
that the russians are doing. the russias defense minister announced they're seeking basing privileges around the world in nicaragua and venezuela. so they want to have a blue water navy again, at the same time the russian defense minister said we're going to our old military bases in the former soviet union states and going to modernize those, and then today the russian military mobilizing on the ukrainian border. they're not going to invade but they're saying, take us seriously again. >> we have given them there are consequences, referring to you crepe. but in the case of cuba, when would be get alarmed, two ships, three ships, building weapons. >> the solution is not just to make a speech and say there will be consequences. there should be a much more comprehensive policy. for example, in cuba, the castros are going to die and whatever is first into cuba is going to have an enormous opportunity. we better make sure we're the first person into cuba, not the russians and the chinese. >> russia has the ties. >> but objects the astros are gone cube -- the castros are gone, it's an opportunity.
, but will it be enough to make vlad blink? well, the foundation for the defense of democracies, followed all the shenanigans at the u.n. and my argument is, when you follow what's been happening to the paper wealth of vladimir putin and a lot of our buddies, they've been losing money hand over fist or ruble over -- whatever. and that's what's going to hit them when they realize they're getting hit in the wallet. you're not so sure. >> i'm not so sure, neil. this is a long day. look, back -- 20 years ago, i was working at "the wall street journal's" bureau chief in moscow, watching this stuff close up. and even then, russian had ambitions, reassembling the old empire. and i think putin has many reasons to believe that this will subside, that if he can ride out this immediate reaction, the u.s. and the west, generally, will come his way and there actually won't really be much of a penalty. there's precedent for that. >> you've seen the market stabilize, to your point. and maybe he sees in that, that the world's calming down. but inherent in that argument is that he doesn't do anything crazy. n
's defense minister ordered soldiers back to their bases. russia's president said he did not see any immediate need to send troops further into ukraine. and stocks are celebrating. what a difference a day makes. yesterday in europe, turning into gains of 2 1/2 percent in france and germany today. and asia handed in a mostly positive performance. and as threats of sanctions on russia eased back, so do u.s. oil prices falling back a dollar 60. russia is one of the biggest energy producers especially for the rest of europe. and it's home for big tech names the stocks of yandex and kiwi are soaring. fear is off right now. risk is back on. but the situation is very fluid. and the beggar concern on wall street could very well be not russia but the jobs report for february. that's due out on friday, neil. >> and that's going to be one that's going to be closely monitored, lauren, thank you very much. >>> to washington. forget about the debt the president officially unveiling his budget calling for billions more in spending and it comes after one top democrat said we really can forget about
of sanctions, including restarting of our missile defense systems in the czech republic, saying we're going to take georgia and other nations into nato, and instead of tell -- >> might be easier said than done. no matter what we have said, even when we have spoken in broad terms, consequences for your actions, he still keeps acting, and the latest news, military boat in cuba setting up shop, maybe more to come. inviting in the worse case fears of another cuban missile crisis. probably getting a little ahead of ourself. what do we do to count their impression we won't do anything. >> first of all, the ship in the cuban port is not anything to worry about. really. it's sort of a saber rattling thing which does not have any real effect. what really does have effect is we now have another invasion by russia. the paramilitaries are clearly russian, and coming out of their base, of a sovereign nation whose territory is very clear. the crimea became part of ukraine -- eastern ukraine is next. we're going to have to look at sanctions, have to have some german involvement in this is a well. leadersh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5